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Enhance the
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improve market
More than
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Keeping Up with Global Demands


For over 16 years, MEG has worked as AT&T's lead B2B agency, providing the creative support for traditional and online marketing, integration of new brands, and the development of complex CRM communication tools.

300+ product briefs, ads, brochures, case studies and email broadcasts every yearWith a vast global service offering targeted at varied market segments, AT&T requires a firm hand on maintaining brand guidelines and an ability to maximize the reach of diminishing marketing budgets.

Keeping Up with Global Demands

Because MEG maintains two production studios, in addition to senior creative staff, AT&T is able to meet a steady demand for new communication vehicles, like the ones below without worrying about branding nuances, positioning or terminology across their communications.



Thinking instead of Doing

Beyond the creative, MEG has never been afraid to offer unsolicited proposals when we see the opportunity to improve efficiencies or reduce costs.

over 1 million legal notifications every year
For AT&T, we realized that their historically manual method of legal notifications could not keep pace with their growth. To reduce their risks, we developed an automated, legal notification system that now processes all legal notification with a complete audit trail.

Thinking instead of Doing

"The development of software and technology solutions often means reducing the amount of design and production our creative department does," says John Bruccoleri, MEG's President, "but our clients count on us to find ways to reduce their marketing budgets, not just spend them."

Earning the attention of
highly educated, ambitious audiences

After 4 years with the College Board, MEG provides strategy and creative for ongoing B2B campaigns, as well as specialized, niche marketing to the most elusive of all B2C markets — today's teens and millennials.

Connecting students to college success and opportunity."It is a unique business," says John Stewart, VP — Account Services, "with target audiences that are far beyond the scope of traditional media."

Integrating traditional and digital components

To reach students, parents and teachers, MEG coordinates the strategic planning, research and positioning for multiple initiatives surrounding the SAT and SAT Subject Tests. Brand advertising, direct marketing and online initiatives are all linked to promoting the exams and relevant preparation products offered by the College Board.



Extending the experience to more students

"Many campaigns for the College Board have to stretch the boundaries of traditional marketing — high school students in particular", says John Stewart, VP — Account Services.

When the College Board created a new website for under-served and under-resourced students, they asked MEG to develop a strategy to rollout the site to guidance counselors and administrators. The plan included a digital tour, web banner ads and branded videos for their YouTube channel.

Regional Account Services Toolkit

The College Board's internal sales team uses MEG's proprietary marketing automation software, providing online access to all their sales and marketing materials.

The Toolkit can be adapted to any client, but it has been powerfully customized for College Board to create an up-to-date marketing repository with notifications of updated documents and a unique presentation builder.

Customizing the message

Targeting multiple audiences, including students, parents and teaching professionals, the College Board requires unique messaging that can be customized for each product or service.

"With the technology to deliver the right message at the right time, we have focused on strengthening our strategic approach, intimately understanding prospects and how they want to interact with brands like the College Board", says Steve Wallace, VP of Strategy at MEG.

Capturing the market for capsules

For over 15 years, MEG has served as the lead agency for Pfizer's Capsugel division, the world's largest supplier of capsules for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.

Globally launching numerous multi-million dollar products and services With a sales force that spans the globe, Capsugel counts on MEG's ability to develop online sales and marketing tools across every medium and in multiple languages.

Capturing the market for capsules

In addition to the marketing strategy and development of Capsugel's sales and promotional tools, MEG manages all of the technology infrastructure to distribute materials across their global sales force.

Design, Develop, Deliver

"Our in-house technology resources enable Capsugel to quickly deploy customized content, so our client service team can remain focused on strategy", says John Stewart, VP — Account Service.

Global online tools with regional content management.Built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of their sales and marketing teams, Capsugel's online portals include regional content management, customized training content, competitor tracking, and the ability to create PPT presentations on the fly.

Fueling B2B Sales Tools

"Effective B2B sales tools require a real understanding of the client's sales process", according to John Bruccoleri, MEG President.

Based on specific customer value propositions, MEG also built Value Calculators allowing sales reps to automatically generate reports that outline opportunities for expanded services and products that meet unique client needs.

A market of one: everyone.

The nation's largest medical diagnosis and drug testing company, Quest Diagnostics contains multiple corporate organizations, bridging both B2B and B2C marketing strategies.

Over 3000 tests available in more than 130 countries.Our 15-year partnership has placed MEG in a variety of different product and service offerings targeting employers, physicians, women, seniors, children and young adults.

The ability to be everywhere at once

With over 3,000 locations in the US alone, Quest Diagnostics counts on MEG to provide quick turnaround for all customer communications and numerous educational campaigns, including the company's first mobile application.

All the tools and the Toolkit

Quest Diagnostics also uses MEG's proprietary marketing automation software, providing online access to all sales and marketing material that can be customized and ordered online.

"Vastly reducing the cost and complexity of producing marketing material, Greenbox allows staff to personalize brochures or emails to specific locations and campaigns", reports Maggy Lu — Account Manager at MEG.

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It's not enough anymore

to simply reach your audience